Happy Returns Studio

4. Michael Reese Trust

Michael Reese Trust reached out to Happy Returns Studio for help producing an award to recognize leaders in the Health Care Sector. Michael Reese Trust contracted Happy Returns to make a 3D scan of a larger than life size bronze statue of their founder Michael Reese. Cody and Tom traveled to the statue storage location and made a photogrammetry 3D scan of the statue.

Happy Returns Studio proposed a number of different treatments to the form and Michael Reese Trust selected a triangulated mesh surface for the statue that accurately conformed to the features whilst abstracting the form to create a new work of art. 

Happy Returns Studio offered Michael Reese Trust a range of possible material outcomes to choose from including 3D printed steel, recycled plastic and cast glass which was eventually selected. Happy Returns Studio worked with a local Chicago foundry to have a 3D printed pattern cast in glass.