Happy Returns Studio

Who is Happy Returns Studio?

Happy Returns Studio is led by Cody Norman and Tom Burtonwood, artists and designers based in the Chicago area. Between the two of them they have over 40 years of combined experience solving creative problems and producing high touch outcomes for commissioned public art projects, commercial work and their own studio practices.

What does Happy Returns Studio do?

Happy Returns Studio consults with clients to solve a range of creative problems, producing high touch outcomes for commissioned public art works, commercial projects and studio outcomes for artists, designers and industry alike.

Happy Returns Studio offers unique capabilities in the fields of industrial robotics and recycled plastics giving clients unparalleled access to their wealth of material knowledge and high precision tools.

Our Kuka KR16 robotic arm enables Happy Returns Studio to produce a range of outcomes where traditional 3D printing and CNC machines are unable to deliver in terms of scale and complexity. With a working payload of sixteen kilograms we are able to use it to deliver many possible outcomes including large format 3D FDM 3D printing, 5 axis CNC milling, precision photography, video and more.

Our Co-Director Cody Norman has six years of experience in the field of plastics recycling working with HDPE, LDPE and PP plastics for a range of commercial, industrial and studio practice outcomes. Happy Returns Studio offers clients abilities in plastics granulation and extrusion plus consulting on a range of possible projects. We’re excited to help you realize your next project using recycled materials!

Happy Returns Studio is a full service digital fabrication workshop with large format FDM 3D printing capable of producing tables, chairs and objects of a similar scale. In addition to larger format outcomes our FDM 3D printer farm is able to deliver fast turnaround of smaller 3D printed objects and iterative prototypes. Click here to get a quote on your next 3D printing job.

Happy Returns Studio specializes in translating your physical sculpture or designed object into a 3D scan that can be reimagined via 3D printing or CNC milling into a range of materials and outcomes. We utilize photogrammetry 3D scanning technologies to bring physical objects into digital spaces for a range of outcomes including digital fabrication, computer graphics and simulations. Our drone platform is capable of scanning large exterior objects, buildings and landscapes.

Where did the name come from?

Happy Returns Studio is a creative studio working at the roundabout of robotics, recycling and recreation. Our Co-Director Tom Burtonwood is from the UK and folks say “Many Happy Returns” as a birthday greeting. It means to have many happy days or rewards. Cody and Tom thought it would be a fun way to loop together their shared interests in recycled material, robotics and iterative practices.

How do I get in touch with Happy Returns Studio?

Happy Returns Studio is on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/happyreturns.studio/ or use this handy contact form to reach out with your queries and questions.

What are some fun facts about Cody and Tom

Cody would like to be Surfing in Lake Michigan or any other body of water with proper waves. 

Tom would like to DJ your next party or office do. He promises an eclectic mix of pounding techno, noodling ambience, modern classical and old skool jungle.