Happy Returns Studio

1. Redemptive Plastics

Redemptive Plastics is a collaborative partnership between alt_ Chicago, an artist-led, faith-based, community-driven nonprofit based on the West side of Chicago that revitalizes neighborhoods utilizing the arts as a tool; and Happy Returns Studio, a Chicago studio working on the roundabout of robotics, recycling and recreation. It is  funded by grants from E(art)H Chicago and the Chicago Community Foundation’s Safe and Peaceful Communities program.

Redemptive Plastics collects discarded plastic in the community and redeems it as a usable resource for making projects of all shapes and sizes. Presently our focus is on making plastic lumber beams and transforming them into benches, stools and chairs.

Redemptive Plastics is a community of people centered on revitalization and redemption of communities and resources. Redemptive Plastics is led by team members drawn from alt_ Chicago and Happy Returns Studio and supported by a cohort of personnel drawn from neighboring communities who cut, clean, shred and extrude the plastic into lumber beams. Volunteers from community groups and faith organizations help with the process of redeeming the plastic: cleaning and cutting it ready to be shredded and extruded.

Redemptive Plastics projects are currently installed at “At The Precipice” Design Museum of Chicago, Chicago; Austin Branch Public Library, Austin, Chicago; Mr Floyd’s, Austin Chicago; Harambee Community Garden, Austin, Chicago and for a very limited time at the Pitchfork Chicago music festival 2023

Redemptive Plastics are: Tom Burtonwood, Amanda Campagnoni, Jordan Campell, Curry Greene, Cody Norman, Cartier Veal

Redemptive Plastics would also like to thank Alexandria Eregbu, Professor Brent Stephens and the Built Environment Research @ IIT, Steadyrest Metalworks, Andrew Bertholf, Dark Matter Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, Visitor Brewing

Redemptive Plastics is dedicated to the loving memory of Jon Veal.