Happy Returns Studio

1. Robotics

Our co-director Cody Norman has five plus years of experience working with industrial robots. His experience is primarily focused in large format 3D printing and 7-axis robotic milling but he has generated toolpaths for drawing, screenprinting, light painting, performances, and much more. 

Toolpaths are generated in Grasshopper and Kuka PRC and on occassion Robo DK for specific projects.

We have experience with Autodesk Powermill Ultimate for robotic milling, as well as Autodesk Fusion 360 and RhinoCAM for generating toolpaths to translate to robotic milling. With experience milling foam props for film, hardwoods for furniture, and composites for the automotive industry we are happy to consult on your robotic milling project. 

If you’re interested in acquiring a used industrial robot for your creative studio we can aid you in what the process looks like and things to consider.